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Welcome to DynamicPORTAL™ Online Property Maintenance Complaint System

Please be sure to review the types of complaints that may be submitted on-line. The list and other information about how to use the online complaints may be found on the Resident On-Line Services page at ( or click to access this page.

To utilize this on-line service, you will need the street address for the location of the problem. If you are uncertain of the address, please call the Office of Customer Relations and Assistance at (302) 395-5555 between 8am and 4pm Mon-Fri..

Submit a New Complaint
Required Information: You will need the following information to start your complaint.

  • Request Information: Type of problem, description of problem, and address of the problem.
  • Personal Information: Name, address, phone number, and email address.

Click "Submit" to process your complaint.

Lookup an existing Complaint
To check the status of an existing complaint online you will need your Complaint Number.

Click "Lookup" to process your request.

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